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Banquet Dinner Menu

(After 3pm Mon-Fri and All-day Sat and Sun)


Served with rice and beans; tortillas upon request. 


#1 Taco and Enchilada $18.50

#2 Enchilada and Chile Relleno $19.25

#3 Burrito and Enchilada $19.25

#4 Two Enchiladas $19.25

#5 Enchilada and Tamal $19.25

#6 Taco and Burrito $19.25

#7 Taco and Chile Relleno $19.25

#8 Enchilada Suiza and Chile Relleno $19.25

#9 Two Chile Rellenos $19.25

#10 Two Tacos $19.25

Chimichanga $18.50
A deep-fried burrito filled with shredded beef, chicken and chile verde, served on a bed of lettuce garnished with guacamole, sour cream and mild salsa.

Mini-chimi $17.50

Steak Ranchero $20.50

Enchiladas Verdes $19.25
Two chicken or cheese enchiladas topped with a specially prepared tart tomatillo and garlic sauce, melted cheese and a dollop of sour cream.

Chicken Enchiladas à la Poblana $20.25
Two chicken enchiladas topped with a thick, dark complex sauce made from three different varieties of dried chile pods, crushed nuts, spices and Mexican cocoa.

Mexi-California Roll $17.50
A spinach-herbed tortilla, rolled and stuffed with chicken, cheese and fresh jalapenos. Lightly fried and served with fire-roasted salsa and our lite chipotle rancho dressing.

Pollo Asado Verde $18.50
Mexican style grilled chicken with our homemade salsa verde and served with our fresh mango pico.

Arroz con pollo $16.75
Boneless, skinless chicken served piping hot on a generous bed of rice topped with enchilada sauce and melted cheese, accompanied with a crispy corn tortilla shell filled with beans and your choice of corn or flour tortillas upon request.

There is a .50 cent additional charge for each taco made with carnitas, carne asada or al pastor. There is a .95 cent for each fish taco. There is an additional charge of $2.95 for shrimp enchilada.

Child’s Plates

Taco $7.75

Burrito $7.75

Enchilada $7.75

Quesadilla $7.75
With meat add $1.00

Cheese Pizza $7.75

Pollo Strips (chicken) $7.75

Mac And Cheese $7.75

Sliders $7.75
Two sliders with cheese.

Chicken Corn Dog Bites $7.75